Widow Uda

Elderly widow in the Franz village, and has made Gina her hated rival.



It is criminal that my wisdom is not exploited as fully as it should be. I will make sure that the women of the village respect me.

These Imperials are all charlatans and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were wizards. I will make sure they don’t gain too much influence in Fidelii affairs.

I will not be crossed! If that trollop Gina thinks she can outwit me because I was too gentle the first time, I will make her regret it. I will seek evidence that will damn her in the eyes of our people.


Uda used to be married to a tribal elder, and when he passed away, she lost her direct connection to status in the tribe. She still has a reputation as a woman not to be meddled with though, and she carries great influence with the women in the Franz village.

Widow Uda first became aware of Gina through Gina’s efforts to get to know Lyrces, an elderly widower and Elder of the Franz. Gina was sidling up to him because he had a reputation for having “mellowed” as he aged and he was becoming more open to new ideas. She felt like she could get him to help her gain some influence in the village so that she could further her spy network.

Unfortunately, Widow Uda decided that Gina was an outsider trollop who was trying to gain undue influence in the village by bedding and/or wedding the elder. Her first whisper campaign against Gina was not terribly successful: Gina managed to convince the women of the village that Uda had romantic designs on Lyrces—a not implausible story.

Uda is not deterred that easily though. She’ll have to work up another approach to do her rival in. And she won’t do it so haphazardly next time, having gotten the measure of Gina’s ability to manipulate people.

Widow Uda

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