Elderly widower and Elder of the Fidelii Franz, noted for being more tolerant than other Elders.



Our strength is wasted on petty quarrels. As Fidelii, we should look for ways to cooperate with each other rather than bicker.

The strange conversion of the Kohlbergs shows us that the Imperials have clearly brought a wizard into the valley. I must find proof of this wizard and bring it to Krondal.

The Fidelii are the rightful rulers of the vale. I will see them rise to prominence here. Chief Krondal may be an odd choice, but he may also be the right man to unite us and sweep the valley clean of the corrupt.


Lyrces is an Elder of the former Fidelii Franz who lost his wife over 15 years ago in an ogre raid and has never remarried. He is noted for his wise counsel, although people begin to fear that age is weakening his mind. He is known to occasionally be more open to new ideas than a proper Elder should, and has often stressed the radical concept that it may be better policy to look for ways to avoid being offended by other tribes, rather than turning every slight and disagreement into a critical point of honor.

Gina has been using him to build her influence in the Franz village, although it has drawn some negative attention from Widow Uda. Recently, she mis-played a gambit that resulted in her utterly convincing Lyrces that the Kohlbergs were under sorcerous influence when they forswore their allegiance to their tribe and their people, and pledged fealty to the Empire under Ageron Dun. He is now bound and determined to find proof of an Imperial Wizard in the vale, and when that happens…


Trimaris Llew