5.9 The Fragile Nature of Alliances

What desperation has joined together, let expedience put asunder

The Fidelii Ludwig and the Fidelii Delzig looked proudly on the destruction they had wrought upon the undead army, then both camps quickly pulled apart in order to tend their wounded. Even after seeing the fruits of cooperation, Fideli pride and xenophobia had a strong hold on the forces. A man walked into the field tent where Krondal’s wounds were being treated, and said, “My Chief…what shall we do about the matter of the dwarven spy?” Even as the opportunity to forge a lasting alliance with the Delzig began to slowly fade, Krondal decided to address the matter of an escaped prisoner. Krondal asked for the last man to see the prisoner to be brought to him.

The last man to have seen the spy tied up in Gina’s tent was Gottleib the Paragon, a warrior renowned for his honesty. As the call went up around the armed camp to locate him, Gina thought it might be a good time to try to slip over to the Delzigs and seek out the famed historian Zax. However, as she recognized the gulf between the two forces, she picked up on the tension and decided it was wiser to stay put and take her medicine.

Gottleib was brought to Krondal’s tent where he explained that Gina asked for the responsibility, Gina was entrusted with the prisoner and Gina left the prisoner unattended while she meandered around camp. It was clear to him where the fault lay. Krondal was going to have a difficult time recovering Gina’s reputation while protecting his & her standing among the Fidelii.

While Krondal was letting himself be distracted from important state matters, Felix went to see Chief Delzig to press his case for passage rights through the territory. As he arrived, he saw General Lind wrapping up a meeting, and asserting the Imperial feelings of goodwill and friendship towards the Delzig tribe. Felix’s meeting went well, and in the end, he not only agreed to allow rangers to pass his lands unheralded, but became an enthusiastic supporter of the role of the rangers in securing the vale. (Rangers were allowed to pass through Delzig lands as long as they traveled with no more than 2, and they proceeded directly to camp with their message, and then traveled directly towards their next message recipient.)

Krondal asked to meet with the Chief Delzig to discuss pressing issues. There was no immediate declaration of alliance, but Chief Delzig made the unprecedented move of allowing Krondal’s entire camp to spend the rest of the day and night in his village. More detailed discussions would have to wait until the following day.

Felix then went to Krondal to try to get more formal recognition of the Rangers. He planned on entering and responding formally as a visiting Fideli chief would, but Krondal cut him short with an enthusiastic bear hug. In the end, Krondal agreed that the Rangers served a vital role, independent of the Fideli and the Empire, and he would recognize that.

(more to come later)



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