5.7 A Magic Weapon by Any Other Name

This week's theme? Everyone is looking for magic weapons. Everyone.

This week sees the return of Krondal, plus a mad scramble by nearly everyone to get their hands on a magic weapon somehow, somewhere.

Krondal was finally getting everything under control and had sorted out the major issues around combining the two tribes into one political structure. Faced with the dwarven rumor campaign, he decided to send a few more troops to the northern village, now named Ludwig’s Gate. He turned aside Lyrces’ charges of sorcery on behalf of the empire, but the elder wouldn’t be dissuaded. He also sent out scouts to figure out what was going on with the ogres, as no one had any word of them since after the undead attack.

Holtz decided it was time to teach Sigmus the basic principles of recording historical stories, but alas, the young man had gone out with a hunting party and was not available for instruction. He really doesn’t seem to understand apprenticeship yet.

Failing that, Holtz raised a cash prize for anyone who could tell some precise stories of a hero with a “holy” weapon. (His intent was to be able to use those stories to find a magic weapon.) He learned that a Delzig storyteller was nearly legendary for his ability to be able to recount some legends in precise detail, down to the resting place of the hero.

Kaspar approached Felix about what to do with the Fidelii who had been working alongside the Rangers, but weren’t actually members of the organization. They presented a problem because it would be difficult to keep them from eventually learning about the new base and supply caches if they kept working with the group. They already presented some problem because they learned a lot about how the Rangers operated, and that knowledge could be dangerous if they ever were in conflict with each other. Kaspar asked if they should just be released, or if they should be eliminated (with a plausible explanation.) Felix decided to just let them go back, but to also conduct some exercises to help change the Rangers’ standard methods to help protect against any future conflict. He also sent Kaspar off to spread information about the undead & their designs against the Fidelii Delzig, a general warning against provoking the Fidelii Sigmar and what he had learned about the grand dam in the south.

Gina set Kogo on Hrolf’s tail and left him to try to develop information about the spy in the Kohlberg village. She then approached Holtz with the offer that he should follow her to the Franz settlement (now named Ludwig’s Crossing) in two days, at which time she would find a way to get him access to Lyrces’ map.

Back at Ludwig’s Crossing, Gina met with Krondal to fill him in on her plans, and had Lyrces summoned to try to work out the deal for the map. As he got an inkling as to the value that was placed on the map, he negotiated to be named as sub-chief of the next tribe that Krondal assimilated. He wanted to control access to the map, and set terms, but it was clear that any information was there for the taking.

Upon arriving at Ludwig’s Crossing, Holtz met with Gina and Krondal, but didn’t like the terms much. After negotiating and looking at the limits upon access, and the amount of time concerned, Holtz decided that he couldn’t afford the time and left the map, unexamined, in Lyrces’ home. Any knowledge revealed would have to wait for a future date, and Gina’s plans to use Holtz to take down Widow Uda were left in shambles.

Felix needed to find information about Fideli heroes who wielded holy weapons, in part to help his case when it came time to convince them to use such things. He learned that one of his new rangers, Gregor, knew many such stories. He could not wait for his shift to bring him back, so he sent for him immediately. Then Felix rode to Dunwick with a plan in mind.

He went to Borgash and laid the pickhead upon his desk and said, “I need the spears.” After a short negotiation and denials that such a pick even existed, he left with 2 magic spears and Borgash was left with the pick and a puzzle about how to destroy it. On the way back to the Ranger Hold, he encountered an exhausted Gregor who thought that the urgent command was meant to bring him directly to his commander quickly. At a slower pace, they returned to the Ranger Hold, and he told Felix all of the stories he could think of. While short on location or ideas where such weapons may have ended up, it was clear that the poetic language of the legends could easily be referring to real magical effects.

Back at the hold, Felix gave one magic spear to the best spearman available, and sent him and hand-picked crew of 4 off to harry the undead and to cause minor damage to the forces.

Krondal finally tracked down a place where a “holy” weapon was almost certainly buried. A Fideli traveller named Urnst of the Fidelii Tomas (a clan that the party had never heard of) remembered an old legend of a former Ludwig chief who wielded a massive two-handed sword that was interred with him. He even gave good directions on where to find the burial mound. Krondal made plans to get the sword once he got his troops underway. He sent a quick note to the Ludwig’s Gate community (as well as the dwarves, letting them know he planned on speaking with them once this new crisis was over), another request to New Verland for aid and organized a force of 350 Fideli warriors.

As Krondal was preparing, Holtz slipped quietly out of the village and headed for the burial mound. He pushed inside and managed to find an impressive sword decorated with arcane markings and in remarkably good shape despite the hundreds of years it lay in an occasionally-flooded tomb. He snuck the sword out and went to lie in wait for Krondal’s arrival.



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