The campaign in Verland is a rags-to-riches, pitiful-to-powerful campaign arc.

Initially a motley band was brought together to recover an important religious relic. They succeeded wildly and came to the attention of some higher nobles and worked their way into some minor position of authority. After investigating the murder of a tax collector in an isolated mining community, they discovered a Chaos plot based around warpstone-tainted silver. This led them to discover an even more malicious plan aimed at turning the entire aristocracy of Verland into mutants. Having successfully foiled this plot and because they were quite literally saviors of the realm, they got to name their reward. They chose to lead a colonization attempt into the Wastes.

With a hand-picked expeditionary force and a number of colonists, they crossed the pass into the Wastes, just as a massive undead attack was beginning. (They didn’t follow up the clues pointing at that in the previously-mentioned isolated mining community.)

We left off with them isolated and dealing with hostile tribes, ogres, an ancient undead horde and worse things.


Trimaris Llew