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Trimaris is the broader name for a series of linked campaigns run by a variety of GM’s in our gaming group. The Trimaris setting is a brutally hacked up version of the Warhammer game setting. (No…I mean really, really mangled.) We use a lot of cultural fluff from Warhammer, and when a region is derived from an existing Warhammer area, I’ll make a note of it. It won’t tell you everything, but it may help fill in the gaps.

Currently there are 4 Campaigns running in Trimaris.

  1. Verland (Averland) GM’ed by Llew
  2. The Forgotten Sea GM’ed by Liam
  3. Lustria (Lustria) GM’ed by Byron
  4. Fatandira’s Realm (Border Princes) GM’ed by Vilkata

The campaigns are not directly linked, in terms of character crossover. However, changes and world-altering events in one part of the world do affect the other campaigns and the setting at large. News and events may influence the other campaigns, or just be heard.

The Verland Campaign

General Overview

The world in which Trimaris exists is frequently beset by common plagues and occasionally Great Plagues which have shaped the world. 3 Great Plagues define the epochs of civilization. In previous times, human civilization has encompassed nearly the entire continent. Presently though, it is mostly confined to the region known as Trimaris.

Trimaris is a region of civilization centered around 3 seas, much like the Mediterranean. A fourth sea (called the Lost Sea) is usually excluded, although the reasons are not terribly clear why. When the 3rd Great Plague began over 1000 years ago, the Grand Empire began to collapse. The elves were safe far across the seas. The dwarves closed the massive stone doors to their realms. The Grand Empire collapsed until it was centered mostly in Trimaris.

The topography means that most areas of civilization are more akin to city-states, and the entire civilized region is sheltered by a ring of protecting mountains. Most travel and trade is done by sea, although the Kraken Elves have intentionally stymied ship development for the human civilizations. Simple galleys and occasional cogs have long been the only ships available to the navies of the Grand Empire. This has recently begun to change however.

Because of the relatively small land area, the lands settled by former remnants of the Grand Empire have recovered enough that they are beginning to suffer overpopulation. Food is becoming harder to come by, and people are clamoring to retake old lands now that the Third Great Plague seems to have completely subsided.

Sitting just outside the mouth where the seas of Trimaris pass out into the great ocean is a sprawling mass of islands. Due to the unusual shape, and the way that “tentacles” of smaller islands radiate out from a larger central body, it has long been referred to as the Kraken. The Kraken is a huge naval and military complex dominated by elves. They use this base for their large navy which roams over most of the world and collects taxes on everything that sails. They have also stymied ship development within the seas of Trimaris for centuries. Kraken elves are generally despised and feared.

Random Cultural Notes

Navies of Trimaris and Other Lands

Organizations of Trimaris and Beyond

Known Habits and Customs of the Fidelii

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