Tag: Kohlberg


  • Sigmund Jaeger

    Sigmund is a hunter in the Kohlberg village, and while he's a decent shot for bringing down game, he's not interested in combat. He has a fondness for old stories and the ancient places around the Vale, although his knowledge is not particularly deep. …

  • Hrolf

    Hrolf (not his real name) is a talented human spy from Altdorf. He has apparently been sent here by the dwarves to spy on Gina, although she has already ID'ed him, unbeknownst to him.

  • Sigmus

    Holtz spent some time to figure out which of the Marked Kohlbergers would be the most amenable to a long grooming session to eventually turn him into a proper apprentice. Sigmus was the most suitable candidate. Holtz is currently trying to teach him to …