Tag: Fidelii


  • Widow Uda

    Uda used to be married to a tribal elder, and when he passed away, she lost her direct connection to status in the tribe. She still has a reputation as a woman not to be meddled with though, and she carries great influence with the women in the Franz …

  • Lyrces

    Lyrces is an Elder of the former Fidelii Franz who lost his wife over 15 years ago in an ogre raid and has never remarried. He is noted for his wise counsel, although people begin to fear that age is weakening his mind. He is known to occasionally be …

  • Hrolf

    Hrolf (not his real name) is a talented human spy from Altdorf. He has apparently been sent here by the dwarves to spy on Gina, although she has already ID'ed him, unbeknownst to him.