Tag: Fideli


  • Mardun

    Mardun was the ruler of the Fidelii tribe known as the Franz. He was slain in a challenge by Krondal with Osbert as second. Krondal challenged him to accomplish two goals. First, to further consolidate power over the Fidelii, and second to acquire …

  • August Gorr

    August has long been chief of the Kohlberg clan and his people haven't prospered. His tribe has shrunk in size and only by allying with the Ludwig's was he able to keep from being conquered. Some of his clan have gone the route of becoming Unspoken, …

  • Sigmus

    Holtz spent some time to figure out which of the Marked Kohlbergers would be the most amenable to a long grooming session to eventually turn him into a proper apprentice. Sigmus was the most suitable candidate. Holtz is currently trying to teach him to …

  • Gregor

    Gregor came to Felix's attention because of his fondness for heroic stories. He also displayed a dogged determination, coupled with a tendency to be very literal when following orders.