The Initial Proposition
In which the GM rambles...

EDITORIAL NOTE: It was time to start a new campaign world, and set the tone. I wanted the players to get a couple things out of the first adventure. First, while the world can be grim, it is generally a more hopeful place than the typical Warhammer world: the players will influence great events. Second, it should be clear that there is a lot of political unrest: the world is simmering on the verge of conflict. Third, there are many fantastic, unexplainable things: the players will come in contact with them.

The Party

We had an unusual group to try to work together. They were:

Ageron Dunn, an Agitator.

Felix, a Sea Warden.

Krondal, a Norse Berserker.

Gina, an Entertainer.

Bardin, a Dwarven Smuggler.

Borgash, a Dwarven Bodyguard.

Not the most homogenous. With that in mind, I tried to come up with a scenario. How, oh how, could I convey the flavor of the world and find a way to link them all together? Well…I would just have to do what all good GM’s do…railroad them together to get started.

The Initial Idea

The party would be hired to go after an important religious relic as part of a political struggle. They would be picked because it would be easy to disavow knowledge of them. And, they were incredibly expendable.

The party was part of a multi-pronged effort by forces kindly to a respected noble. They had only one ace-in-the-hole, that they didn’t even know they had: one party member bore a striking resemblance to a beloved Tilean princess in the realm where the religious relic was held. The ruler of said realm had recently done something dastardly to her, and if this could be brought out, they could probably cause enough political unrest to spirit the relic away.

They would cause plenty of unrest, but the resemblance to the princess was to be taken in an entirely unforeseen direction.


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