5.4 Political Parties
A simple social gathering leads to significant political change.

With word of the banner party having successfully led the undead away, the Fideli elders approached Krondal with a suggestion. (They were not completely knowledgeable of the results, and did not properly weight any information about the undead not being destroyed, the ogres organizing or wierd, cloven-hooved tracks – probably mounts—being found in the lands of the powerful Sigmar tribe.)

“Chief Ludwig…it is time you threw an appropriate celebration, both to celebrate this victory and to cement your position with your new tribesmen.” Krondal kept a smiling face, but inwardly cringed. There are so many other more important things to do…but I have to honor some of their traditions.

5.5 And Then There Were Two
The world just keeps on spinnin' 'round.

Krondal was overwhelmed with the duties and obligations that come with trying to successfully merge two tribes. Ageron was overwhelmed with the duties and obligations that come with trying to successfully merge a village of former Fidelii into the Imperial Outpost. Felix was overwhelmed trying to incorporate 60 new former Fidelii warriors into his Rangers—effectively tripling the size of his force. This left only Gina and Holtz with idle hands. Surely, they couldn’t get into any trouble. Right?

5.6 Riddles of Stone
Learning more about the problem doesn't always make you feel more comfortable.

Ageron and Krondal both found themselves wrapped up with the tricky problems of integrating their new members, and this left a number of interested parties with idle hands.

Felix returned from successfully integrating the former Fidelii into his rangers and realized that he would need a new home or base where he could be a bit away from any political intrigues. Gina decided that she needed to get a bit more involved in political intrigue, and Holtz decided it was time to get serious about being magely.

5.7 A Magic Weapon by Any Other Name
This week's theme? Everyone is looking for magic weapons. Everyone.

This week sees the return of Krondal, plus a mad scramble by nearly everyone to get their hands on a magic weapon somehow, somewhere.

The Sword in the Stone (er mound)
A funny thing happened on the way to the tomb

Krondal urged his men to row faster, the burial mound was in sight, even from the river. (I wonder if its flooded?, he thought) He had gotten word of the site from a story teller about the man and his “divine” sword. He needed the sword and it’s power to finally smite the undead general Odelic and end the undead threat in the valley.

5.8 The Fine Death of Adelbert Odelic
Heroic events often take more than one hero.

With a few hours left before Krondal’s expected arrival, Holtz had a problem. He was in possession of an apparently magical blade, and he needed to find a way to get it to Krondal without making it obvious that he looted the tomb. He thought for a moment, then applied his “Chameleon” spell to the blade and placed it on the mound. There was now an invisible, reputedly magical two-handed sword rising from the dirt above the burial mound.

5.9 The Fragile Nature of Alliances
What desperation has joined together, let expedience put asunder

The Fidelii Ludwig and the Fidelii Delzig looked proudly on the destruction they had wrought upon the undead army, then both camps quickly pulled apart in order to tend their wounded. Even after seeing the fruits of cooperation, Fideli pride and xenophobia had a strong hold on the forces. A man walked into the field tent where Krondal’s wounds were being treated, and said, “My Chief…what shall we do about the matter of the dwarven spy?” Even as the opportunity to forge a lasting alliance with the Delzig began to slowly fade, Krondal decided to address the matter of an escaped prisoner. Krondal asked for the last man to see the prisoner to be brought to him.


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