5.1 What Should We Do With the Undead Banner?
Part Blessing, Part Curse, All Trouble

Once it was learned that Adelbert’s horde was following the banner, the decision was made to split off a small force to lead the undead army around while a solution was perfected. The main plan was to try to get the banner down into the Ogre Islands to let two foes savage each other, but a boat would be needed.

Fourth Adventure: Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
Sometimes hard jobs keep getting harder.

SUMMARY: After rescuing basically the entire nobility of Verland from becoming Chaos Tainted, the party was due for a pretty special reward. Ageron Dun accepted the privilege of leading a brand new, heavily-funded expedition to attempt to recolonize the old lands of Verland that lay out in the Wastes. At one time they had been highly fertile areas, and with the general feeling that the Plagues were over, the opportunity to resettle this area appeared to be present.

Third Adventure: Of Wheat and Warpstone
Why on earth would anyone want powdered warpstone?

SUMMARY: Against a background of growing mutant troubles, the party followed clues they found in Ruprecht Blau’s old records, to find out what happened to the warpstone shipment that never arrived. They traced the messenger as one Anders Lind, a friend of Blau who was also a member of the Red Mask Society. Through tracing ship logs, they eventually found his last known port of call and his last known destination, where they finally found someone willing to tell them what happened to him if they’d meet them that evening. Unfortunately, the meeting was a Skaven trap. They began trying to find other passengers who may have known him, and clues began to lead them to a local miller.

Second Adventure: Trouble in Totringen
A dead tax collector is only part of the problem.

SUMMARY: After foiling the kidnapping attempt, the characters are assigned to investigate the murder of a tax collector in a remote mining region. They’ll be paid 10% of any taxes recovered as their reward. Although suspicion initially fell upon the local greenskins, they found the mayor to be acting rather suspiciously as well. Though they couldn’t pin anything on him at present, they resolved to come back to him at a later date.

It's nice not having to have the players actually play sometimes.

SUMMARY: The players rode their miraculous success and received some work as a “Labor Relations” force over the winter for a Baron with many mining concerns up in the mountains. They succeeded admirably at various duties such as routing orc incursions, solving labor disputes and strike-breaking and did well enough to justify giving them a better assignment when one became available. As they were about to leave for their next mission, they foiled a clever kidnap/assassination attempt that had been some months in the making. Apparently, Comte Illigo had not forgotten what they did, despite the distractions he was dealing with back in Calabria.

First Adventure: The Shining Blade of Lucio
A group of expendables are sent to retrieve a legendary blade

SUMMARY: The party is assembled and suitably rail-roaded into heading for the much-troubled country of Calabria where they are tasked with retrieving the magical blade of a legendary hero. They were exposed to a country simmering on the edge of revolt.

The Initial Proposition
In which the GM rambles...

EDITORIAL NOTE: It was time to start a new campaign world, and set the tone. I wanted the players to get a couple things out of the first adventure. First, while the world can be grim, it is generally a more hopeful place than the typical Warhammer world: the players will influence great events. Second, it should be clear that there is a lot of political unrest: the world is simmering on the verge of conflict. Third, there are many fantastic, unexplainable things: the players will come in contact with them.

The Party

We had an unusual group to try to work together. They were:

Ageron Dunn, an Agitator.

Felix, a Sea Warden.

Krondal, a Norse Berserker.

Gina, an Entertainer.

Bardin, a Dwarven Smuggler.

Borgash, a Dwarven Bodyguard.

Not the most homogenous. With that in mind, I tried to come up with a scenario. How, oh how, could I convey the flavor of the world and find a way to link them all together? Well…I would just have to do what all good GM’s do…railroad them together to get started.

The Initial Idea

The party would be hired to go after an important religious relic as part of a political struggle. They would be picked because it would be easy to disavow knowledge of them. And, they were incredibly expendable.

The party was part of a multi-pronged effort by forces kindly to a respected noble. They had only one ace-in-the-hole, that they didn’t even know they had: one party member bore a striking resemblance to a beloved Tilean princess in the realm where the religious relic was held. The ruler of said realm had recently done something dastardly to her, and if this could be brought out, they could probably cause enough political unrest to spirit the relic away.

They would cause plenty of unrest, but the resemblance to the princess was to be taken in an entirely unforeseen direction.


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