Former Chief of the Fidelii Franz



The Fidelii rule this valley, but too many powerful strangers enter. Until I figure out how to dispatch them, I will accomodate them.

The ogres are the most dangerous foe in the valley, but thankfully the river keeps them hemmed in. I must ensure they never find a way across the waters.

The Ludwig clan has shamed themselves. They were bad enough before, but to allow an outsider to rule, fair fight or no, is unthinkable. I will reclaim Fideli honor by destroying them or taking control myself.


When in doubt, say nothing.

Always attack wizards.


Mardun was the ruler of the Fidelii tribe known as the Franz.

He was slain in a challenge by Krondal with Osbert as second. Krondal challenged him to accomplish two goals. First, to further consolidate power over the Fidelii, and second to acquire boats to take the banner down to the Ogre Islands.


Trimaris Llew