Gina Blossom


Lifepaths Born Noble – Student – Courtier – Minstrel – Lady – Itinerate Performer – Smuggler

Age 37

  1. I will run the intelligence network in New Verland. I need many sources of information. I will try to develop Kogo as a double-agent against New Verland.
  2. I will let nothing stand in my way, but I don’t need knives to destroy someone. I must send a message to Holtz that I didn’t appreciate him fouling my plans and ruining my work.
  3. The Northgate is our lifeblood. I need to find an informational source amongst the dwarves.
  1. Only use weapons as a last resort.
  2. I must not speak of magic while in the Fedeilii tribes; other than to Krondal.
  3. Don’t trust anyone!
  • Will B6
  • Perception B6
  • Power B2
  • Forte B3
  • Agility B4
  • Speed B4

Physical/Mental Attributes Health B5 – Steel B6 – Hesitation B – Reflexes B5

Physical Tolerances Mortal Wound B8

  • Character Traits -> Recondite – Paranoid – Tidy Aspect – Comely
  • Die Traits -> Mark of Privilege – Rapier Wit
  • Call-On Traits -> Aura of Innocence (Falsehood, Inconspicuous) – Sonorous Voice (Seduction, Persuasion) – Familiar Face (Circles)

Skills Read B3 – Write B3 – Sing B5 – Dance B4 – Lute B2 – Poetry B3 – Cooking B3 – Etiqette B4 – Observation B6 – Persuasion B5 – Seduction B5 – Falsehood B5 – Stealthy B5 – Inconspicuous B5 – Disguise B4 – Sleight of Hand B4 – Forgery B3 – Haggling B3 – Court Gossip-Wise B3 – Knife B4 – Estate Management B3

Circles B4— Resources B1— Cash on Hand B4

  1. Lyrces – South Ludwig Elder
  2. Sigmund – Kohlberg Citizen Historian
  3. Zax – Delzig Fedelii historian
  4. Kogo – Gullible spy of Aggeron
  5. Rorik – Dwarven trader spy
  • 1d Krondal

Gear *Superior-Quality Knife *Superior-Quality Sword *Short Bow *Lute *Quills *Inks *Parchments *Clothes *Shoes *Finery of Clothes *Travel Gear


Gina Blossom

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