August Gorr

Chief of the Fidelii Kohlberg



I want to die a peaceful death as an old man, not some victim of a leadership challenge. I will pursue peace by any means.

Ambition is the first indication of evil intent. Be wary of those who seek to grow their own power.

We are too weak to stand on our own and need to have allies. I must seek alliance with the weakest power that can guarantee our safety.


Avoid challenges at all costs.

When unsure, delay a decision.


August has long been chief of the Kohlberg clan and his people haven’t prospered. His tribe has shrunk in size and only by allying with the Ludwig’s was he able to keep from being conquered. Some of his clan have gone the route of becoming Unspoken, not wishing to live under a chief they believe is a coward. With Chief Ludwig set on a path of uniting the Fidelii, he can’t help but be concerned that his former ally may look at him in a different light.

August Gorr

Trimaris Llew