Borgash Stoneburner

Name: Borgash Age: 109

Concept: The complete Bodyguard. Once just a caravan guard he has turned his skills towards being the complete bodyguard. Not only will he protect his charge but heal their wounds as well.


Born-Noble, Noble-Ardent, Axe-Bearer, Graybeard, Seneschal, Khirurgeon

Will: B5 Perception: B5 Power: B5 Forte: B6 Agility: B4 Speed: B5
Reflexes: B5 Steel: B7 Hesitation: 5 Health: B5
Mortal Wound: B11 Circles: B2 Resources: B2 Speed Mult.: x3
Greed: B4 Cash on Hand: 5D
Superficial: B4 Light: B7 Midi: B8 Severe: B 9 Traumatic: B10 Mortal: B11
  1. As Seneschal of the Vale I am in charge of the Empirial finances and resources. I will increase them where and when possible. I must control the local resources.
  1. Aggeron Dun is the future of the Vale. When he is occupied, I will run things in his name.
  1. The Vale holds many ancient secrets. They are mine for the taking. I will have them plundered.
  1. Always Remove/Discredit all evidence of Chaos Dwarves (especially the Stoneburner Clan).
  2. The Colony comes 1st (Except where it conflicts with #1).
  3. Always increase Resources when possible.
[Dt] Accustomed to the Dark, [Char] Bearded, [Dt] Greed, [Dt] Oathsworn,
[Dt] Shaped from Earth and Stone, [Dt] Stout, [Dt] Tough, [Char] Practical,
[Dt] Lame, [Dt] Landlubber, [Char] Chuffing, Sense of Direction
Accounting (B3), Apothecary (B3), Armor, Axe (B5),
Brawling (B3), Cargo-Wise (B3), Command (B3), Cooking (B3),
Dwarven Rune Script (B3), Estate Management (B3), Etiquette (B2), Field Dressing (B3),
Herbalism (B3), Hold-wise (B3), Intimidation (B4), Khirurgy (B2),
Knives (B3), Orienteering (B3), Poisons (B3), Road-Wise (B3), Shield, Sing (B2), Throwing (B2)
  • Algrim GoldFinger (minor) Trader
  • Hurgar Kazadarson (minor) officer in the “Cleaving Beards”
  • Bardin (dwarven smuggler)
  • Kheldir (loaned him funds to help get some trade established)
  • New Verland Government (1D)
  • Cleaving Beards (minor) – this is a unit of dwarven caravan guards. Borgash became the unit’s banner-bearer before he left to pursue more ‘profitable’ ventures with Bardin. (1D)
  • Advisor of Governor Dun (1D)
  • Reliable (1D)
  • Tough (1D)
  • Doctor (1D)

Manacles, Traveling Gear, Clothes, Doctor’s Tools, Winter Clothes, Hourglass, Tent, Tinder and Flint, Riding horse, Telescope, broken Pick head with clan runes

Plate Mail (5D), Chainmail (3D), Leather (1D), Target Shield (3D)
  • Sweet Axe
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Blunderbuss
  • Knuckle Duster
  • Sword Breaker

Most would consider being of noble birth a blessing but in a few rare instances it more a curse, at least that is what Borgash belives. For him his ‘curse’ started long before he was ever born. It’s been centuries since the Great Betrayal of the clans. His was one of the few families that remained and became outcasts. Some dwarves have taken up the nomadic life while even fewer have found a home among the other races. To the rest of dwarves those clans never existed, especially when it comes to dealing with the other races. The families that remain have found it prudent not to use their old clan name. That has been the case for the young Borgash of the Stoneburner Clan. Life was hard and having never truly found an affinity for the typical dwarven craft he soon found a temporary home among the ranks of the Axe-Bearers. As time passed he realized that his potential was limited even among them. It wasn’t long after that realization, that he joined the Graybeard company “Cleaving Beards”. This company was known for hiring themselves out as mercenary caravan guards.

It was during this time that Borgash found and became fast friends with the dwarven trader Bardin. Bardin was known for taking risks, the bigger the risk the bigger the payday. They spent many years together delivering goods to anyone who would pay them. Their life style finally caught up with them. They were on their way to one such employer when they were caught and jailed. The irony is that they had nothing to do with the unrest that took place in the human city.

This is where our story picked up… ShiningBlade

Past Beliefs:

  1. Aggeron Dun is the future of the Vale. I will make sure his plans come to fruition. I will persaude him to send a scouting group to the Ogre Islands to recon their movements/threat. (open the skill Persuasion)
  1. With the pass closed our supplies and finances are tight. We can’t afford to pay Kheldir’s prices very long. We must find local resources. I will acquire bog iron for testing in our smithies. (open the Haggling skill for acquisition and potentially Blacksmithing)
  1. The undead army is a threat to Vale’s future, It must be destroyed. Adelbert Odelic is a smart and dangerous leader, he must be eliminated. The spears appear to be our best hope at doing that, I must learn to use a spear. (open the Spear skill)

Borgash Stoneburner

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