Bors van der Gessen

Master Architect to New Verland



We are the harbingers of civilization. I will maintain decorum at all times.

A country is only as fine as its buildings. I shall build excellence in New Verland.

We show our worth by doing well even in trying times. I must excel in my post despite the fact that mercenaries and freebooters are in charge here. I must be a model minister.


Never forget to use the appropriate honoriffic.

Always correct improper manners.

Mealtimes are inviolable rituals and must be kept.


Mr. Van der Gessen is a very formal man and an excellent architect. He demands formality and decorum at all times, and is never found to behave inappropriately. He is a highly capable architect with a genuine love of the work, and takes pleasure in designing simple, functional buildings as well as more elaborate ones. He hopes (and expects) to be appointed as the Court Architect to New Verland.

Bors van der Gessen

Trimaris Llew