Hans Boomereich

A young gunsmith hoping for a monopoly



I am an amazing talent, but these insects can’t comprehend my genius. I bet if I made a truly awe-inspiring weapon, they would recognize my worth.

No one deserves the monopoly for gunsmithing in New Verland more than I. I must ensure I am the obvious choice when the time comes. I will discredit Gunnar’s work.

If I persuaded the Fidelii to use my guns, that would be a coup and would ensure customers even if Governor Dun does something foolish. I must find a way to get the Fidelii on my side.


Never waste time on a project once it is obviously fruitless.

Never be directly insulting to a competitor. (Insinuation is our friend.)

My powder is always dry.


Hans is arrogant and wildly creative as a young smith, but notoriously strong-headed. If he focused on what he knew, he might very well be a master already, but he refuses to limit himself. He is inordinately fond of artillery pieces, but tends to run off on new designs when he hits a stumbling block. He takes it as a personal affront that he was not offered the monopoly out of hand for New Verland.

Hans Boomereich

Trimaris Llew