Gunnar Hanson

Gunsmith, competing for a monopoly



I bet I’d already have the monopoly if it weren’t for that one malfunction! I will develop the most reliable weapons in the valley. Weapons don’t burst from being undercharged.

I deserve that monopoly. I will go out of my way to be useful to Governor Dun. I must impress him with my willingness to serve.

I can quit anytime I want! No. Really. It’s not a problem!


Recheck every firearm before it leaves my possession.

When in doubt, cut the powder with a little dust.

Always double back if there’s a risk of being followed.


Gunnar is a journeyman gunsmith, and while he’s not a master, he’s a capable crafter. He hopes to prove his merit and win a monopoly in New Verland. He did not have enough clout to demand and receive a short-term monopoly to begin with, so he’s anxious to prove his skill.

He is solid and dependable, but occasionally a bit testy.

Gunnar Hanson

Trimaris Llew