Gilles Monmour

Young, ambitious Vintner for New Verland



I am a superior vintner. Before I die, New Verland will be hailed for it’s excellent wines. I must pressure the governor to get a vineyard started.

Quality is my path to riches. Quality, and scarcity. I should never be afraid to destroy sub-standard product.

The dwarves will be the death of us all if we cannot break their stranglehold. I must find a worthy ally who will join me in pressuring the governor about this.


Always be courteous to the ladies.

Never forget an insult.

Never serve wine you haven’t sampled, and never drink what your host won’t sample.


Gilles is a young vintner of master skill, but did not want to wait for a position to open in the guild structure. He has accepted the gamble of starting in New Verland in return for a monopoly over wine-making. At this point, it is a 7-year proposition, renewable upon satisfactory performance. The Vintner’s Gild is a powerful guild for obvious reasons, so it is wise to keep him happy. Gilles is well aware of the influence his guild confers upon him, and is not afraid to use it.

Gilles Monmour

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