Eric Groenig

A former servant to a lowly knight who is now mysteriously involved in some larger matter.



Nothing is more important than our family quest. I will do whatever is required to bring us home. We must push south to find the ancestral lands.

Grandfather is always right. I should continue to follow his council.

These fogs are an intelligence nightmare. They serve us for now, but once we are secure, I must find a way to banish them.


Always mind your station.

Eavesdrop whenever possible.

Always distance myself from losing causes.


Eric was first encountered as the favored servant of Sir Lazlo Ritter, a low-station knight who was tasked by Duke Remmigar to choose a party to retrieve the Shining Blade of Lucio.

He was a trusted ally for the group, and as their expedition to New Verland began to be discussed, it was discovered that he, somehow, held a large amount of knowledge on the subject. It turned out that his family had been involved in some way with all prior expeditions back into the vale. In return for promise of a land grant (8 miles by 8 miles), Eric offered much useful information. His insights regarding the Fideli were particularly handy.

He currently acts as the main liaison between Ageron and the rest of the Groenig party.

Eric Groenig

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