Silas Lind

General to the Governor of New Verland


Name: Silas Lind Concept/Bio: Lifepaths: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Lead to Professional Soldier, Captain Age : 32

Stats: Wi: B3, Pe: B6, Po: B5, Fo: B4, Ag: B5, Sp: B4, Speed Mult.: x3.5

Attributes: Ref: B5, Ste: B4, Hes: 7, Hea: B3, MW: B10, Circles: B1, Resources: B0 PTGS: Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10


Since my brother’s demise, the family honor rests on me. I must preserve it.

The Red Masks are responsible for my brother’s death. If I find any more, I will discover their secret and then crush them.


Always rise before dawn.

Double-check all logistics reports.

Always evaluate the ground as a potential battlefield.

Traits: [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Dt] Sworn Homage, [C-O] Savvy, [Dt] Cool Headed, [Char] Shows No Fear, [Dt] Thick Skinned

Skills: Administration B3, Armor Training, Artillerist B3, Command B5, Conspicuous B3, Crossbow B2, Etiquette B3, Firearms B3, Intimidation B2, Knives B2, Lance B3, Logistics B3, Mounted Combat Training, Read B3, Riding B3, Shield Training, Strategy B4, Sword B4, Tactics B3, Write B3

Affiliations: 1D New Verland Expeditionary Force

Reputations: 1D Shrewd General, 1D Loyal to a fault

Relationships: Nils Halbleib, Lt. in the New Verland Expeditionary Force (Significant)



Weapons: Bare Fisted I:B3 M:B5 S:B7 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest


Silas Lind (brother to Anders Lind, who the party heard about in their third adventure) was appointed to be general for the expedition into New Verland.

His is a sober, thoughtful young man with a mind for tactics and a strong moral compass. He is a stickler for following regulations and laws. Thus far, he has served ably.

Silas Lind

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