Adelbert Odelic

Undead leader of an undead army, recently released from it's magical prison.



Witchcraft is always evil. It has been given to me to stamp it out. I will actively pursue any examples of witchcraft and put down the practicioners.

I am a man to be feared, and to maintain that fear I can let no slight go unpunished. I must find the villains who stole my banner and make them suffer. I see human activity to the south of my beloved woods—perhaps they are the thieves.

This new valley is a strange and debased one. I will set it under my rule or I will see it burn.


If it’s a witch, burn it.

If someone appears to cast a spell, attack them immediately.

Never be swayed by an emotional appeal for mercy.


Adelbert Odelic was a man driven by hatred in his life. When his wife died of a mysterious plague, he blamed the local witches. He set out on a bloodbath that killed every witch, real and accused, within his forested realm. In the end, no woman was spared. As he struck down their leader, she cursed him that he and his men would never rest and never leave his realm until women once again lived within the wood.

When Gina entered the wood, the magic of the curse was broken, and Lord Odelic’s army was free for the first time in ages. His force is powerful, still driven by strong hatreds, but he knows little of the land outside the woods. But before he can begin to conquer, he needs to retrieve his banner, stolen by craven thieves. It calls to him across any distance.

Adelbert Odelic

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