An ogre chieftan with a lust for power.



This valley should belong to the ogres, and by “the ogres” I mean “me”. I must figure out where to attack first to launch my program of conquest. We need some space away from the shortlings, so I propose we invade the Fideli lands to the northwest.(OGRE VERSION: This my valley. Must crush small things. What crush first? Crush black-hat humans first! Rawr!)

The safety of our islands promotes laziness. It is time to carve out a new land where we will not be trapped on the islands. I need a secure base from which to raid. (OGRE VERSION: Can’t crush things while on island. Must get new caves.)

There is no excuse for not dominating this valley. Our boats are the key to freedom. We must endeavor to protect them at all costs. (OGRE VERSION: Me love boats. Me kill anyone who try to break pretty boats.)


When challenged, attack aggressively.

My axe never leaves my side.

Always keep one vanquished foe alive, for eating or questioning, or both.


Murgol is unknown to the characters as of this posting.

After a bitter power struggle in recent months, Murgol has taken command of a somewhat weakened, but far more organized force of ogres in the Vale. Murgol is incensed that his ogres can’t swim and have been forced to raid only when the river is low. He is an ogre with big dreams. Now, if they can just acquire some logs…

UPDATE: Logs firmly in hand, and having used the completely unexpected undead attack to shake his people from their torpor, Murgol ordered the first boats crafted. (Okay…rafts really.) They are crude, and very limited in number, but he can now get 40 ogres across the lake at a time.

He has spent the past weeks ferrying all of his people across to the southwest with the intention of starting his conquest of the valley.


Trimaris Llew