Konrad Kosetta

Mercenary Captain



A mercenary’s life is always tough, so I should find more consistent employment. I have decided to accept the King in Green’s offer, so I must make my way to him.

It is best to strike first. I will establish my worth to the King in Green by aggressive action. I need to wear away at Governor Dun’s allies.

Faith encourages men where they should be hopeless. I must deprive my enemies of religious support. I should lure the Verland clergy into a trap.


Never eat unless the food has been tested on others.

Never accept the first price offered.

When in doubt, strike.


Konrad Kosetta is notable mostly for his recent appearance in the Vale. His mercenary band of about 300 men disguised as peasants was among the last groups through before the pass was closed by winter. (Armond came through about the same time.) Gina had discovered that all of their boxes that appeared to be tools, were actually filled with firearms. She did not have a chance to report this before Kosetta acted.

Kosetta sent emissaries for a meeting with Ageron, and at that meeting the emissaries attempted to assassinate Ageron and his council. While this was happening, his troops began a quick march to the east, where they were shuttled across the river by members of the Franz tribe of the Fideli. They disappeared off to the east.

Konrad Kosetta

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