Bounty hunter who stumbled into this village


Age 34

Lifepaths-Peasant Born -Hunter -Lead to Villager -Runner -Lead to Soldier -Crossbowman -Scout -Lead to Outcast -Strider

Concept Self-Serving bounty-hunter who sees comes across a new settlement and thinks he can make it big.

Traits *Loner *Skinny *Fleet of Foot *Quiet *Greedy *Aura of Innocence

Stats *Will B4 *Perception B4 *Power B4 *Agility B6 *Forte B4 *Speed B5

Physical/Mental Attributes *Health B5 *Steel B6 *Reflexes B5

Physical Tolerances *Superficial B3 *Light B5 *Midi B7 *Severe B8 *Traumatic B9 *Mortal Wound B10

Skills *Crossbow B6 *Sword B5 *Brawling B3 *Sleight of Hand B4 *Lockpicking B3 *Falsehood B4 *Stealthy B5 *Inconspicuous B4 *Observataion B5 *Hunting B3 *Survival B2 *Orienteering B2 *Tracking B2 *Foraging B2 *Fire Building B2 *Street-wise B2 *Forest-wise B2

  1. Get Caleb Lannister, I was offerred a lot of money for his capture or death
  2. There is opportunity in this new settlement, I must get in good with the mayor.
  3. I must get Ageron to get me to carry the banner.
  1. Have a story ready at all times to get me out of trouble.
  2. Always be wary of others but never let them see it.
  3. Carry a weapon/weapons at all times

Gear *Clothes *Travel Gear *Shoes *Crossbow *XBow Bolts *Sword *Knife *Leather Armor *Lockpicking Tools

Reputation 1d ????



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