The Sword in the Stone (er mound)

A funny thing happened on the way to the tomb

Krondal urged his men to row faster, the burial mound was in sight, even from the river. (I wonder if its flooded?, he thought) He had gotten word of the site from a story teller about the man and his “divine” sword. He needed the sword and it’s power to finally smite the undead general Odelic and end the undead threat in the valley.

As they pushed the boats ashore and made their way to the shrine, Krondal hoped his powers of persuasion would be enough to get to the sword. He had doubts about whether he would be allowed to go in and grab the sword and had concocted a scheme to not only be in the tomb but to take the sword. He would pray and fake a vision from Sigmar and trust in abilities to convince his clansmen to let him take and use the sword to defeat the undead. But as they approached the tomb, he saw a solitary figure resting on mound 100 yards away. “That’s Holtz!, but what was he doing here?” I thought he gave up his foolish notion of joining us for the battle” “He has to be 60 at least”. Krondal made his way to the tomb. Apparently Gina noticed him too and was trying to convince one his honor guard to go see to him. But the guard would have none of it… she was not Fidelii, even if the rumors regarding Krondal and her were true, she had no real power to command here. “Gina, give it time, don’t push these people” Krondal thought as he knelt at the tomb. He did notice Gina herself go to Holtz.

Krondal did pray to Sigmar, not only for the sword and the graces to convince his men to let him take it, but that he could indeed destroy the undead general and end that threat.After praying for about 15 minutes, he thought, “Now to get to it”. He suddenly stood up and began to exclaim “A VISION, I’VE BEEN GIVEN A VISION BY SIGMAR HIMSELF”...He told his men, “SIGMAR WANTS ME TO USE THE SWORD IN THE TOMB TO SMITE THE UNDEAD AND DESTROY THEM, FOREVER”. His men appeared to be confused, but Krondal could see they might be open to the idea. He knew he’d have to really use his abilities as a storyteller and great speaker to fully win them over. If he failed, they would all die trying to fight the undead.

But then, a curious thing happened, his men all went wide eyed and down to one knee and bowed their heads. Krondal thought, “I’m not that good, and haven’t even pulled out all the stops yet” He realized they weren’t just looking at him, but past him. He turned around slowly and saw that a sword had miraculously appeared, stuck in the top of the mound, and was glinting with the noonday sun. “Magic?” Krondal thought. “no, never use the term “magic” here. It was good way to a short life” Krondal stood as dumbfounded as his men, and then knelt. For a long minute, Krondal was speechless, which had never happened to him before. Finally Krondal gathered his wits and cried, “See?, Sigmar has indeed sent the sword to me to slay the enemies of the Fidelii” Of course, his men all agreed that a “Divine” miracle had happened.

Krondal reached for the sword and just for brief instant, remembered a tale of a sword in a stone, and how all but the chosen one failed to pull it out. “I really hope this is meant for me” he thought to himself. He pulled the sword out effortlessy, much to his relief, and raised it over head. “FOR THE FIDELLII!” he shouted over and over and his men joined him. They returned to the boats and made way for the Delzig camps. Krondal now had time to think, and began to wonder, “Am I really the chosen one?” the long boat trip gave him time to think hard on what he may have to do, and he didn’t like all the possibilities….



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