First Adventure: The Shining Blade of Lucio

A group of expendables are sent to retrieve a legendary blade

SUMMARY: The party is assembled and suitably rail-roaded into heading for the much-troubled country of Calabria where they are tasked with retrieving the magical blade of a legendary hero. They were exposed to a country simmering on the edge of revolt.

In the process, they got wrapped up with some rebels, met an odd character with the power to make men forget, and became embroiled in a conflict based upon the current Comte’s mistreatment of one of his vassal’s daughters. A kidnapping (due to her resemblance to the aforementioned daughter) of one of the party members led to a massive chase as well as recovery of the Shining Blade of Lucio. Keeping just ahead of a large force sent to pursue them, the adventurers managed to leave town just ahead of their pursuers and returned the blade as ordered, leaving behind them a country in full revolt.

For their actions, they received some unofficial notice and began getting postings that were somewhat above their station.



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