"It's All Fun Till Someone Loses an Eye.. or a Liver..."

Uniting the Fidellii, one body bag at a time...

Krondal blocked the sword of the Franz leader, yet again and swung back and nicked the leader’s elbow. Just as he was going for a sure strike, Krondol caught a glimps of the Sigmar cleric raising his sheild to block the Franz leader’s second from bashing his own head in. “By Sigmar, that man is faster than he looks”, thought Krondol. He had agreed to the cleric’s help in the battle after the Franz chieftain had insulted both he and the cleric, insinuating that they were agents of Chaos.

Again the Franz chieftain hacked at him from the front while his second attempted to distract him from behind. The attacks were clumsy but filled with pure rage. “Perhaps I taunted the man too much”, thought Krondol. He had goaded the man into challenging him for rule of this particular tribe as Fidellii tradition commanded.

He needed to unite the Fidellii under one ruler to survive the the coming trials, which so far included, an annual ogre invasion, an army of empire mercenaries that were apparently helped by rulers of this tribe, and large army of undead that had been released and was roaming the valley. Never mind that the dwarves and the men of the Empire that were his allies… might want to use the Fidellii as fodder for their battles. Krondol had come to respect and admire these people and vowed that he would help them become a united people, a people that would subserviant to no others. He hoped they would be equals in the eyes of the rulers of the empire… but did not entirely trust them. The men of the valley, the Fidellii and the empire force that was here, would have to unite to defeat the dangers that were seeming to focus on them.

Krondol’s attention was brought back to focus as the cleric screamed at him to duck… and duck he did as the second’s two handed sword ripped through the space he occupied a second before. Krondol rolled away from certain death and apparently caught the Franz chieftain out of postion and swung with all his might and sank his own two hander into the shoulder of the man. His strike carried all the way to the mans mid section and all but severed his left side from his body. His second, stunned by the gruesome death of his leader, did not see the cleric raise his hammer and strike him to the side of the head, and he fell to the ground, unconcious, his jaw broken in 2 places and his skull probably cracked in many more.

Just as the cleric was raising his hammer to finish him, Krondol yelled, “Enough!, there is no need to kill that man! The one who insulted Sigmar and his faithful has been dealt justice. No more men should need die in his name.” The cleric, full of rage, looked as if he would follow through with his killing blow.. but Krondol’s voice and the mention of Sigmar’s justice caught him and he intentionally missed the second’s head, barely. “Tis over and done, for now” said the cleric as Krondol motioned for Franz healers, no… Ludwig healers… they were his clan now, to help the second. Krondol thought as he cleaned his sword, ” Do I have to fight and kill every damned leader to get them to unite?” “There must be another quicker and less bloody way to do this.”


Sweet! That’s a great look inside the mind of Krondal.


Beautiful, Scott. :) I love it!


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