5.2 Chief Franz is dead. Long live Chief Franz!

The leadership may change, but the problems stay the same.

As the banner party arrived, undead not far behind, difficult decisions were made. Krondal decided he would try to provoke a challenge for leadership of the Franz, as this seemed the best way to both further his interests in uniting the Fidelii, as well as procure boats for the banner men.

It was a clear day. Against his wishes, Ageron was persuaded to move back towards safety with his retinue, leaving Felix briefly in charge of the expedition. With no explanation, he retrieved the banner from Osbert and handed it to Krondal for his mission, leading to a short discussion between he and Osbert where it was wisely determined that Osbert would still carry the banner and would join Krondal, not as an Imperial representative, but as a Priest of Sigmar. Holtz went as his “scribe” for the precedings.

Krondal begged for passage across the river, claiming he was coming to make his obedience to the Franz, and was brought over relatively quickly. He accepted the occasional insults until the formal greeting had begun, where he quickly set out to insulting the Franz chief, and even though Mardun was completely aware of the intent, his pride forced him to issue the challenge. In the course of it, Osbert managed to get himself included in order to defend the name of Sigmar against the insults aimed at him by Mardun.

It was a tough fight, but Krondal & Osbert pulled it out and slew Mardun and badly wounded his champion. His careful orations had put him in position of standing as the champion for the Fidelii, and it marked the first public declaration that he intended to unite the Fidelii. A couple small boats were quickly procured for the banner party, and the nearing undead horde was led off along the shore. (For the first time, Felix was able to get a firm count of the number of the horde as it formed ranks and shambled off – 1450.)

Scouts followed the horde’s progress as the banner men floated downstream. They eventually landed on the last “safe” island near the ogres and set up a watch. Unfortunately in the night, one of the boatmen slipped away with his boat. It turned out that he was the same one who had originally brought the deal from Konrad Kossetta for transport across the river, when the mercenaries fled east.

Armond and Holtz elected to go after him and try to hunt him down. The rest intended to press on with their mission. Back at the Franz village, Krondal learned that the mercenaries had paid for their passage with some gold and with some distinctive silver coins—coins of the same mintage as the tainted silver coins they had encountered in their third adventure. Meanwhile, the rangers trailing the undead army became aware that the undead were cutting down a lot of massive trees, apparently in an attempt to cross the lake to the Ogre Isles.



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