5.1 What Should We Do With the Undead Banner?

Part Blessing, Part Curse, All Trouble

Once it was learned that Adelbert’s horde was following the banner, the decision was made to split off a small force to lead the undead army around while a solution was perfected. The main plan was to try to get the banner down into the Ogre Islands to let two foes savage each other, but a boat would be needed.

After a short discussion, Osbert managed to get himself named as the leader of the banner party once they crossed the water, but Armond would be allowed that honor while they were trying to lead the undead in circles. Holtz assured them that the banner was most certainly an evil item, and that it wove a powerful compunction that would force the undead to follow it slavishly.

The main force headed back to the town of Dunwick to re-fortify, while a messenger was sent off to bring Krondal back to the group. Krondal would be needed because the Fidelii Franz had the only known boats in the region, and the New Verlanders wished to use his new-found connections to ease the negotiations.

In the meantime, an envoy from the Franz came demanding to know why Krondal had not come to pay his obediences to his more-powerful southern neighbors. Krondal made an excellent show of sending them off with some insults, while stating that he would meet them as equals. His people were very buoyed by his bravado, although it probably won’t mean good things for his relationship with the Franz.

Discussions of how to best use the Undead ensued, and both Krondal and Ageron insisted they would not turn the horde on the Fidelii women and children, no matter how awful the Franz had been to them. They were left trying to decide whether they would steal a boat and make it a provoking incident with the Franz, or whether he should attempt to challenge Chief Franz for leadership of the tribe and bring them under him.

As this was happening, Adelbert and his horde were growing crafty as centuries-old brain cells began to be used once more. They laid a cunning trap for the circling riders, and only the inspired leadership and skill of Armond managed to lead them through it just before it closed upon them. With the undead hard on their heels, a rider was sent off to warn Ageron that they were going to be along very shortly, with the undead close behind and would need a solution quickly.



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