A Grim World of Perilous Adventure—but not that world!

Trimaris is the region of three great seas where human civilization has managed to cling to existence and once again has begun to thrive. A great plague devastated a great empire over a thousand years ago. The city states founded upon it’s rubble gradually built themselves back up. Now, overpopulation makes princes look to relieve the pressures through war and re-colonization of the horror-haunted Wastes. And some nobles begin to once again have dreams of Empire.

Trimaris is based largely upon Warhammer, but we have gone far, far outside the canon, with an entirely different map, world history, technological history, place names, etc. We’re even doing horrible, horrible things to the WHFRPG v.2.0 rules. It is Warhammer, but heavily influenced by Burning Wheel.

Our special houserules for Combat will be detailed later.

EDIT: As we move into picking up the campaign, the Verland portion in particular is morphing into a Burning Wheel campaign for a couple reasons. Primarily, there were a number of interesting characters with end-goals that were both suitably grand and suitably different enough to warrant a very different kind of game. The characters were growing beyond what WHFRPG can easily handle at the gaming table. I still plan on abusing the combat system, but have yet to decide precisely how it will work.

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